My Books

Out Of The Red
The untold story of NZ's biggest business turn around

"That spring morning I walked into the Prime Minister's office still fairly green. I walked out the biggest businessman in New Zealand history - as chief executive of twenty billion dollars worth of business (in todays terms about one hundred billion). I was in charge of the country's air, road and rail systems, it's national post office and phone company, half the country's forests, all the Landcorp farms, an insurance company, a bank, a computer company, all the nation's electricity generation and the national grid, air traffic control, a property company and a printing works" more...

I've Been Thinking

I've Been Thinking describes the tumultous years when Richard Prebble helped reform New Zealand's bankrupt economy. The stories of waste and bureaucratic entanglements and the transformation of the economy to wealth generation is extraordinary.

"A cogent, and often very funny account of how this country was saved from economic disaster." Roger Kerr, Business Roundtable more...

I've Been Writing

I've Been Writing describes the state of New Zealand in 1999 and draws a number of interesting conclusions on what is happening and what is needed for a prosperous future. The egregious behaviour of the "Treaty Industry", how welfare has trashed the values of New Zealanders in one generation, and how the rights of criminals have been placed ahead of law-abiding citizens.

"You have to read it. If this book doesn't make the Booker prize short list it will be a bloody tragedy." Tom Scott more...

What Happens Next

What Happens Next describes the turbulent new parliament in the first term of MMP in 1997. The extraordinary coalition that started off with high hopes. With the canny insight only an experienced insider can give, Richard Prebble will surprise you with his insight into the behaviour of our representatives.

"Richard's a national treasure..., marvellously readable" Ian Templeton

"A must-read for anyone who wants to know whats really going on in Parliament. Sir Roger Douglas more...

Now It's Time To Act

Now It's Time To Act is an update of Richard Prebble's best seller "I've Been Thinking", with new material and a round up of the events since that first best seller.

"The popular revolution for lower taxes, less government spending, and more individual freedom is sweeping the globe. New Zealand has been riding point on this revolution and Richard Prebble's book explains the recent past and the near future of our movement." Newt Gingrich more...

Liberal Thinking

Thoughtful and insightful writings by the Members of the ACT Caucus - 2003

Why I do not vote National
Richard Prebble CBE
New Zealand's no-nuke nonsense
Hon Ken Shirley
Liberals and the Law Stephen Franks ACT's Welfare Vision Muriel Newman
Health for All Heather Roy The Classical Liberal View Rodney Hide
Property and the Environment
Gerry Eckhoff
Crime and Punishment
Deborah Coddington more...

Old Values - New Ideas

Thoughtful and insightful writings by the Members of the ACT Caucus - 2002

Old Values - New Ideas
Richard Prebble CBE
The Kyoto Protocol
Hon Ken Shirley
How should ACT treat the Treaty?
Stephen Franks
For the general Welfare
Muriel Newman
City of Snails
Penny Webster
Free Trade: Route to poverty or growth?
Rodney Hide more...

Closing The Gaps

Thoughtful and insightful writings by the Members of the ACT Caucus - 2001

New Zealand - Tenth by 2010
Richard Prebble CBE
Welfare reform: for the sake of our children
Muriel Newman
Justice for All Stephen Franks Health and ACC Hon Ken Shirley
Tomorrow's agriculture
Penny Webster
Free Trade: Route to poverty or growth?
Rodney Hide
  Local government Owen Jennings more...

Values - Not Politics

The first 1000 days. ACT MP's speak on the values and principles that drive them. ACT not only increased its parliamentary representation in the 1999 election, but has fielded the highest quality and most widely experienced group of MP's of any party. From the treaty to the high country, from welfare to the rule of law, what the nation's most articulate, experienced and hard-working MP's have to say matters to you. more...