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Here you will learn about the importance of reading different books and how it can impact your life.

7 Benefits of Reading Non-Fictional Books

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Many people like Elon Musk, the co-founder of Tesla, didn’t learn about their professional subjects in colleges. For example, Musk learned about space travel by reading many books related to space travel which was not part of the university curriculum. There are other famous people who took valuable lessons from reading non-fictional books. Reading non-fictional books has a lot of… Read more »

4 Tips For Writing A Nonfiction Book

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Writing a nonfiction book is different from writing a fiction book because the purpose of the two types of books is different. A fiction book is written for entertainment; whereas, a nonfiction book is written to provide information. If you want to write a nonfiction book, you can use the following tips. Start with a story Nonfiction books are informational,… Read more »

5 Best Nonfiction Books For Kids

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Many of us read storybooks to children. Children love hearing about the imaginative world of fairies, kings, and people with special powers. But you must also tell the children about real-life events. That way they won’t lose touch of reality. Here are the best nonfiction books for children. The Wonder Garden This book is written in such a fantastic way… Read more »