I've Been Thinking

I've Been Thinking describes the tumultous years when Richard Prebble helped reform New Zealand's bankrupt economy. The stories of waste and bureaucratic entanglements and the transformation of the economy to wealth generation is extraordinary.

A wonderful book on the comedy of government - and how imagination and common sense can make all the difference
Jane Clifton, Sunday Star-Times

Richard has a genius for action - and this book shows it.
Sir Roger Douglas

A cogent, and often very funny account of how this country was saved from economic disaster.
Roger Kerr, Business Roundtable

Many of the reforms introduced when he was SOE Minister have revitalised State industries, and much of today's economic prosperity rests upon the the State sector change and introduction of private enterprise principles that he oversaw.
Paul Savage, The Press

ISBN: 1-86958-170-9

NZD$19.95 plus P&P