Now It's Time To Act

Now It's Time To Act is an update of Richard Prebble's best seller I've Been Thinking, with new material and a round up of the events since that first best seller.

The popular revolution for lower taxes, less government spending, and more individual freedom is sweeping the globe. New Zealand has been riding point on this revolution and Richard Prebble's book explains the recent past and the near future of our movement.
Newt Gingrich

If it hadn't been for Prebble my husband would still be working fro the Railways. So all I can say is thank you Richard - and I mean that.
Mrs Deidre K, Palmerston North

This book is a breath of fresh air - I love the way he tells it exactly like it is.
Kirstie M, Christchurch

ISBN: 186958170-9

NZD$19.95 plus P&P