I've Been Writing

I've Been Writing describes the state of New Zealand in 1999 and draws a number of interesting conclusions on what is happening and what is needed for a prosperous future. The egregious behaviour of the "Treaty Industry", how welfare has trashed the values of New Zealanders in one generation, and how the rights of criminals have been placed ahead of law-abiding citizens.

Astonishing - every voter should read this. Prebble rips the lid off politics in NZ in 1999.
Ian Templeton

Richard is fearless. This book shatters the cosy conspiracy of silence that has been smothering discussion of some of New Zealand's most pressing problems. What he has to say is important.
Sir Roger Douglas

You have to read it. If this book doesn't make the Booker prize short list it will be a bloody tragedy.
Tom Scott

ISBN: 0-473-06031-0

NZD$19.95 plus P&P